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...to the Old City Icehouse, my page devoted to the World's Greatest Scientist: Dr. Momus Alexander Morgus.

A Morgusian Anniversary!

Today is the 41st anniversary of perhaps the greatest moment in both Scientific and Television history! On January 3rd, 1959, The House of Shock appeared on televisions throughout New Orleans... and our world was never the same!

The above pix are screen captures from one of the Doctor's earliest televised experiments!


As you know by now, the year 2000 has come and gone with nary a computer glitch to be found. While the media endlessly extolls the virtues of the bone-brain establishment for allegedly pooling their resources and solving the Y2K problem, we here know that one man (with the help of his two faithful assistants, of course) saved the world from being thrust into a post-technological Dark Ages.

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I was recently contacted by Dr. Morgus. He informed me that he liked the new look of the site and that he had signed my guestbook! Be sure to check it out... and don't forget to sign it, as well.

Exciting Morgus News

Taking a break from his many excursions into scientific magnificence, Dr. Morgus has recorded Hearse-ry Rhymes, his very first CD! Be one of the first to own this piece of Morgusian History. Do your part to fund the important research going on within the walls of M.A.M.I. Click here to find out how to get your copy!

As of now -after over a year online, this site is, of course, still UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Bear with me, friends.

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Many thanks to Dr. Momus A. Morgus for his ingenius imagination and for many, many years of laughter and entertainment... You're the best. Special thanks are also in order to my dear friend, Dr. Chuck Brillowsky, the first to bring Dr. Morgus to the World Wide Web.

This is a fan-made tribute to Morgus the Magnificent. All images are the property of M.A.M.I., The Momus Alexander Morgus Institute of Science. Doctor Morgus, who is currently working to rid the world of El Nino, could not be reached for comment. Chopsley, however, had this to say: ". . ."

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